Woman Cattle

In this excellent drawing by Dolcett a young woman is hooked up to a milking machine. While her breasts are emptied, the farmer in the background goes and sharpens the axe in preparation for her executions. Similarly, under the NWO special farms could be erected for holding Woman Cattle, which is then reared for milk and meat production.

  • Introduction
  • Another application for Surplus Females, asides from snuff meat and Gladiators, could be that of Woman Cattle. A farmer with a special Woman Cattle license could buy Surplus Females for this use. The farmer could then feed her and give her hormones so that she would produce milk and good meat.

  • Benefits
  • Human milk is very nutritious. It's often a problem finding good substitutes. A Permanent who is busy with her career might not have time to breastfeed her baby, so instead she could buy real human milk from a women cattle farm. The women in the farms would be fed hormones and a special diet nutritious diet to produce the best milk possible.

    As far as meat is concerned, the women kept at the farms could be exercised to keep them fit. When a Woman Cattle's milk production start to decline, due to her age, she could then be butchered for meat, or sold whole to people that wanted to butcher her themselves.

  • Farms
  • A Woman Cattle farm would not have to be very different from present-day modern cattle farms. Holding pens would have to be fitted with toilets and bathrooms. Obviously women are craftier that cows or pigs, so extra safety measures need to be in place to prevent Woman Cattle from escaping.

    An exercise area, where the Woman Cattle are forced to perform various strenuous physical activities to grow good, rare meet would have to be available. This could be something as simple as an enclosed field, where the farmer could force the Woman Cattle to run about. The farms would need to be inspected by a NWO official to make sure they fulfil these minimum requirements.

    It should be stressed that the farms should not in any way offer comfort or luxury to the Woman Cattle. It should not be considered a reward to be Woman Cattle, and thus postponing execution, so the life of these women must be hard and dreary.

  • Selection
  • The females bought for the Woman Cattle farms would be selected by breast size and meat volume, along with [to be defined] genetic criteria for evaluating milk and meat production potential. As is the case with Gladiators, a Surplus Female should not have a choice as to whether she becomes Woman Cattle, because this might encourage Snuffees and Breeders to take advantage of this way of postponing execution. The Surplus Female must, due to the fact that she failed in her primary task, know that she has absolutely no say in deciding her own fate.

    If a farm buys a Breeder who is still serviceable, they could use her for breeding special Woman Cattle. These cattle would be reared from birth to butchery in the farm. Since this is all they are used for, they will receive no education of any kind and should by all means be treated like normal cattle.

  • Execution
  • When a Woman Cattle turns 30, or when her milk production drops below a certain limit set by the farmer, she must be executed within a month. She could either be sold off to people that are interested in high-quality meaty women for cannibalism, or she could be slaughtered at the farm and sold off to butcher shops just like normal cattle. For the last options, special slaughter days should be arranged at the farms where a larger number of females are butchered. The public should then be allowed to visit the farms during these days and participate in the snuffing, as well as enjoying some pre-execution sex.

    (C) New World Order