Hanging Gallery
Hangings of the past, inspiration for the future.

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  • Introduction
  • We all love and adore a woman strung up by her neck, suffering terrible pain while kicking and dancing at the end of the noose. In this small gallery we take a look at some past hangings of young females, both to once again adore the beauty of these fine young women, as well as to gather inspiration for future hangings. We start in the early days of the first millenium and end our hanging journey shortly after the birth of the New World Order.

    15 AD

    When Germanicus lead his army into the lands of south Germany, the local tribes evacuated to eastern bank of the Rhine. Unfortunately for this young woman, her family was too slow to heed the call to evacuate, thus they became trapped inside a surrounded village and were all captured by the roman legions. For the amusement of the soldiers, all the captured women are striped down and brutally raped, including our young female. Since she is the youngest member of her family, she is also the first to hang. Here we see a roman soldier securing the rope behind the neck of the terrified woman. A few minutes later her death struggle is on; she gasps and grunts as the pain fills her already abused body. Out of the corners of her eyes she sees her older sister getting raped by four soldiers, as she is the next in line to expire in the noose.

    1220 AD

    A young woman is accused of witchcraft, and being unable to prove her innocence only three options remain; death by drowning, death by burning or death by hanging. She is too paralyzed by fear to even choose, so the elders of the village choose for her; death by hanging! To convince the other villagers of what a tramp she is, her gown is pulled down so everyone can see her succulent and devilishly seductive tits bounce and bob as she fights desperately for her life. Of course the outcome is given; after several minutes of kicking and grasping at the noose, the strength slowly drains from her young body. A short series of convulsions follows and then finally death.

    1626 AD

    In 1626, a ring of smugglers illegally selling weapons to the Narragansett, a tribe of native Americans, was broken up and brought to justice. Mary, a daughter of one of the smugglers, admitted to having helped her husband on many accounts. The local English magistrate sentenced her to hang for her crimes. Settlers from wide and far gather in front of the small hill on the day of her execution, eager to see the young woman dance in the noose. As the plain wooden stool is pulled out form under her feet and her death struggle begins, one of the local lads pull down her top thus increasing the enjoyment of the crowd considerably, as well as the humiliation of the terrified, dying woman.

    1976 AD

    The vacation of two American college students ends in tragedy: As they are leaving for home after two weeks in Colombia, their bags are searched by the airport security personnel, which turns up more than four pounds of marijuana. In spite of their claims that they knew nothing of the drugs, the two young women are sentenced for possession and attempted trafficking of illegal substances. Both girls collapse in tears as the judge pronounces the sentence; death by hanging! The pleasure of carrying out the execution falls on one of the army lieutenants, who turns out to have a special urge when it comes to watching young women expire; they are both partly stripped before going up! Squirming as much in shame and humiliation as in fear and pain, the two young women fight for their lives surrounded by leering, grinning soldiers.

    4 NT

    At last, after the realization of the New World Order, hanging is no longer a matter of crime, guilt or punishment; instead it is now purely a matter of joy and sexual ecstasy! The frantic struggling and intense fear of the Snuffee, her strained and terrified body writhing in noose, her dying form enjoyed and explored by her executioners. Here we see Petra, the wife of John, enjoying John's Snuffee Elisa, as the young woman is executed after having served her two year period as servant and sex slave. For John and Petra it is the most enjoyable sexual experience they can imagine, for Elisa it is the natural and anticipated conclusion of her short but intense life. Even as fear and pain fills Elisa's mind and body, she is satisfied that she will now finally be free.

    (C) New World Order