The Noose

Starring: John Conner, 179/81/42. Real-estate Live
Karen Conner, 169/61/24. College Student/ Die

John, and his friend Dale, liked to go to see a good strip show now and then. But it came as a shock to John, when one night he saw his own daughter in the opening act at "Cat Girls", and later in a hot lesbian show. His friend, Dale, had been stunned too, but mostly since he had never imagined that Karen could be so beautiful. Usually she was a geek type, slaving away at college. John hadn't said anything during the show, but as he and Dale walked to their cars, he spoke. "Did you see my girl up there, Dale?" Without waiting for a reply, he continued. "The little bitch. She embarrasses the family. And she enjoys it!" On the way home he brooded on an appropriate punishment. It was Dale that came up with the idea that suited John's mood the best.

So they drove over to Dale's house to get the stuff they needed, and then went to Karen's apartment. John had an extra key, so they let themselves in, and prepared for her return. When they were all set, they grabbed a beer from her fridge, turned off the light, and waited. After only a few minutes, Karen returned. She locked herself in, and took off her coat. Underneath she was still wearing the leather suit she'd used for her show. She wanted to take a shower and hit the sheets.

"Hey there, Karen, where have you been?" John asked, as she walked into the living room. Karen jumped in surprise. She didn't expect anyone to be here, especially not her father and that Dale character.


Before she could say a word, John walked over to her, and pulled the rope around her wrists. "What are you doing?" Karen shouted, surprised at her father's behavior.

"I know where you've been, you slut. Dancing at "Cat Girls". And you really thought I wouldn't find out?" John screamed.
"Oh, dad, I'm sorry. But I had to get some extra cash." Karen was scared, scared by the anger in her fathers voice.

"Well, that doesn't matter any more, coz Dale and I have decided to kill you. We can't have a fucking, stripping whore in our family." He dragged her over to the stool and noose they had prepared.

"Oh daddy, I'm sorry! I'll never do it again!" Karen was confused, and scared. Surely her father didn't mean to kill her, but he sounded so angry.

"That's great, honey. Now get that fucking suit off. I don't want you to die in that ugly suit." he tied her hands to the noose, and began pulling the suit off her pale body. She really looked good. Dale had been right, she was beautiful. He just hadn't noticed before. She was his daughter after all. But now that she was going to die, it didn't matter any more, and John felt a hard-on grow in his pants. "Hey Dale, make sure you get pics of all this, will you?"
"Sure thing, John." Dale grinned from behind his digital camera. He wouldn't miss this for the world!

"Please, daddy, why are you doing this to me?" Karen whined. She could see the excitement in John and Dale's faces, something she had never seen before.
"I already told you. I'm going to kill you for being such a slut." John laughed, getting turned on by the obvious fear in Karen's voice and eyes. "As soon as I get you stripped, we're going to hang you by your pretty neck, Karen."

John let his hand glide down the front of the leather panties Karen was wearing. Her pussy felt good. She was still excited from the show, her pussy was wet with her own juice and the other bitch's salvia.

John let two fingers glide up his daughter's pussy. She was wet, and still turned on. He could feel it.
"Oh, so you really enjoyed that lesbian show you did with that black girl, didn't you?" He hissed, and pulled down her panties. "I can still feel the excitement on you. To think that my girl would be into lesbian sex!"
"Oh daddy, I'm so sorry, I really am. But I'm a woman now, and I can make my own choices. I didn't want you to find out this way. Please, can't we just talk about this?"
"I really don't think there is anything to talk about. My girl is a stripping, lesbian slut, and I won't have it. So just shut up, and let's get this over with." John untied her hands from the noose, and jerked her arms behind her back. She winced in pain from his harsh touch. She had to bend forward, to stop the pain in her shoulders.

"Stand still while I tie your hands behind your back. We can't have you trying to get away. I know this must scare you, but there is no other way about it. We can't have whores in the Conner Family!"

As he tied her hands together, he had the chance to admire his daughters beautiful ass. She surely had gown up in the last few years. She had always been a geek type to him, always good in school, and never going out with guys. So he never had thought of her as pretty. But she really was. His erection grew harder, pressing against his pants. He sure did want to fuck her, but it had to wait. When she was dead, he could have his way with her...

Karen realized with a jolt of utter terror, that her father was serious. He really did want to kill her! She cried out in fear and frustration as he quickly slipped the noose over her head.

"No dad, oh please, you can't do this to me! Please!" She gave him the big puppy eyes that always got to him. But now, all he saw in her big, blue eyes, was a whore.

"You can beg all you like, my love. You are still going to die. I've made up my mind. And a Conner never backs down on his word!" He grabbed her slender waist, and lifted her onto the stool. She felt good, warm and smooth, under his touch. A real lovely young lady.

"No, let me down, please!" Karen begged. She could no longer control her fear, and big shiny tears had begun rolling down her face. She was too young to die. And now her own father would kill her!

John stepped onto the stool, and held Karen tight. He had to press his body against her, to steady her. His erection pressed against her warm ass.
"There, the rope looks so pretty around your pretty neck. You will die like a lady, Karen, not like some slut"

"Oh daddy, I can feel that this turns you on. If you'd just let me down, I'll do anything you please. And for Dale too. Please?" Karen was beyond fear. It all seemed surreal to her. She was ready to do anything to get out of this, anything.

"All we want you to do, is die." John said, and threw the rope over a water pipe, running under the ceiling. "Just be a brave girl, and quit crying, Karen." He pulled at the rope, tightening the noose around her neck.

"No, oh God, Daddy, let me live!" Karen begged, as she felt the rope slowly tighten around her neck. This couldn't be happening, it couldn't be true! Her father had always been such a loving man, he couldn't be doing this!

John kicked his daughter's feet off the stool, while he held onto the rope. "Good bye, love." He said, as his baby girl hung from the noose.

She felt her feet lose contact with the floor, and she fell. But her feet never touched the floor. Instead the noose held her up, while it tightened around her neck, cutting off her air. She tried to get onto the stool again, but her father kicked her.

"Don't fight it Karen." He laughed. He had to admit that the hanging made him even hornier. His baby daughter kicked wildly with her legs, writhing on the rope. Tears were streaming down over her pretty, young face as it turned slowly red.

Karen felt the rope hurting her neck, and her lungs beginning to burn. There was nothing she could do, her struggles was all in vain. I'll die, she realized, as her vision blurred, and her body began to tremble in cramps. Oh father, why? That was the last thought on her mind, before the darkness closed in on her, and drowned out her thoughts in a final flash of fear and pain.

After a few minutes, Karen stopped twitching on the rope. Piss had splashed from her onto the floor, running down her legs. John could contain himself no longer, and lowered the body of his dead daughter onto the floor. He touched her young pretty breasts, caressed her warm legs and ass. "Oh Karen, my poor girl," he moaned, as he unzipped his pants, and rammed his throbbing cock into her wet pussy.