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Nisha is chosen as guinea pig



Fried Susanne is electrocuted in a hospital basement Electrocution 10-5-98
The Model Sandy stars in a snuff movie Ductt tape 8-6-98
Picnic #1 David takes a porn actress on a picnic.. Belly shooting 25-7-98
Picnic #2 ...tortures her, and snuff out her life Belly shooting 25-7-98
The Cross Elisabeth is killed during a rehearsal Crucifixion 1-8-98
Breasts Cindy and Jennifer stars a snuff movie Breastsmother 14-8-98
Old Love Nick and Robert kills Robert's wife Belly shooting 20-8-98
Snuff Sex Sandy has her last fun with a burglar Belly shooting 29-8-98
Bikini Contest Jenny dies for her jalousie Hand smother 17-9-98
Lesbian Snuff Partners Cindy kills for love Hand smother 20-3-99